Data center relocation is more than just wheeling data center towers out of the building and onto a moving truck. You have to have a migration and relocation plan if you expect your equipment to arrive at its destination safely. Here is what a typical plan looks like, and how moving your data center is accomplished.


Cost for moving the data center(s) can be bargained. Because there are plenty of companies willing to help you relocate your data center(s), you can bargain the cost with one or more of the providers to get the best prices for this service. If you have more than one center to move, you can get an even better deal because all of the center towers would be loaded on the same truck for transport.

Moving Date and Time

First and foremost, you have to select a moving date and time. This seems rather obvious, but there is more to it than selecting date and time. When the data center is turned off, disconnected, placed on a truck, and then hauled to its new location, all of your computer systems are down. This means that you will probably want to (and should) select a date and time that does not interfere with the company's usual operation times. After closing time at night, or perhaps late at night, are both good options since these times will not interfere with how you do business.


You need to keep data on the center towers secure, right? How is the migration service provider going to know that if you do not request security measures? This means that you will have several opportunities to secure virtual information with options provided, and/or you have a security team accompany the truck on which the centers are loaded for the move. 

Moving and Transport

Moving and transport begin the minute the technician disconnects the data centers, and the centers are loaded onto a waiting truck. Be sure to give the truck driver(s) the exact location of where the center(s) need to be delivered and unloaded. If you hire a physical security team, the security team needs to know the destination as well so that the truck driver(s) can be guided in the right direction.

Reinstallation at the New Location

Once the data centers have arrived at the new location and are unloaded and placed, then the technician that disconnected them reconnects them in this new location. The reinstallation process is complete only when the centers can transmit information to your computer systems. A series of tests are necessary and may extend your system downtime, but they are worth it to be sure.

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