Cleaning the monitors and televisions in your home may actually be causing them damage. If you are using certain items and solutions, you could be compromising the clarity of your screen or creating scratches on the facade.

Try the following cleaning solutions for safely maintaining the screens in your home:

The softer, the better.

The safest thing to wipe and clean your computer's monitor, laptop screen, or television is a soft micro-fiber cloth. These are easy to find in retail stores and online sites, and are inexpensive to buy. These soft cloths won't scratch the screen, and are great for a variety of other tasks around the home, too.

Don't spend a fortune.

There are many different screen cleaning solutions on the market, and some electronics retail venues will offer their own suggestions as to the best product for your device. The truth is, you can create your own safe and inexpensive cleaner using equal parts of distilled water and white vinegar. This is gently dabbed or wiped on the screen to remove spots, debris, or bits of gunk that are on your screen.

To err is human.

There are some techniques and products that you should never clean your screen with. The first is paper towels, napkins, or tissues; these will cause tiny scratches on the glass surface of your screen. Don't ever use conventional window-cleaners or products that may contain alcohol, acetone, or ammonia, as these can cloud or fog-up your screen. These often cause disruption in touch-screen functions that cannot be repaired or fixed.

Use a gentle touch.

Avoid pressing firmly or pushing on the screen of your television, monitor, or other device; this can impact the image and the pixels under the glass and cause image issues. This will cause these pixels to burn out and become damaged, forever impacting the clarity of the image. Implement more of a wiping motion when cleaning the screen, and also use a very light touch.

Pay attention to the edges.

When cleaning the frame or case around your screen, you may use some all-purpose cleaners, depending on the material. Remember to use care and keep this cleaning solution away from the screen of the device. 

Take care of the screens in your home with these tips and techniques. Many touch-screen or plasma devices are sensitive and can be compromised quite easily. Clean your screens carefully, to preserve the image and maintain function for years to come! To learn more, contact a business like computer repair in Fort McMurray